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Nuts and Bolts

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Nuts and Bolts (13 episodes)
03 Jan 2010 - 28 Mar 2010

Too many Christians neglect the basics and end up unproductive, ineffective, bored and frustrated. Whatever your Christian experience has been up to now, this series will help you get to grips with the day to day nuts and bolts of living for Jesus. 

28th March 2010 | Jeff Fletcher

How to have a Heavenly Body

Nuts and Bolts | Part 13 | Ephesians (4v16)

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Each one of us has a body and we are affected by how it works every day. There is a special heavenly body which we have the privilege of being part of as Christians and each of us have a vital part. Do you want a heavenly body and are you ready to play your part?

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21st March 2010 | Rich Tutt

Love Everyone!

Nuts and Bolts | Part 12 | Galatians (5v14)

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What are the most important things we need to be doing as Christians? How do we make sure we are living in a way that pleases God? It turns out there is a surprisingly simple answer...

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14th March 2010 | Andy Gordon


Nuts and Bolts | Part 11 |

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What is real worship & how can we make sure we really please God when we are worshipping?

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7th March 2010 | Rich Tutt

Rule your Wallet!

Nuts and Bolts | Part 10 | Luke (16v13)

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Ever felt like there's 'too much month left at the end of the money'? Staying on top of our finances can be really difficult. Jesus does enable us to take control, but only if we're prepared to tackle the problem head on.

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28th February 2010 | Rich Tutt

Good News for Bad Missionaries!

Nuts and Bolts | Part 9 | Matthew (28v19,20)

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Jesus has left us with very clear instructions about our mission on earth: We are to find as many ways as possible to help as many people as possible become his followers. Yet we can find it so hard to do. So how can we start to take our mission more seriously?

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21st February 2010 | Rich Tutt

Bring on Monday!

Nuts and Bolts | Part 8 | Colossians (3v23)

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Most of us spend much of our waking lives either at work or thinking about work. For some of us work is also the last thing we want to think about on a Sunday! But how does being a Christian impact what I do for the rest of the week?

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14th February 2010 | Jack Griffiths

Just Step Out

Nuts and Bolts | Part 7 | Hebrews (11)

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By looking at Hebrews 11 we will look at how our faith works and how we can practicaly just step out in faith.

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7th February 2010 | Rich Tutt

Need some Oomph?

Nuts and Bolts | Part 6 | Acts (1v8)

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Many Christians live with a underlying sense of inadequacy: They find it hard to talk about Jesus, struggle to engage in worship, and lack many of the spiritual gifts found in the New Testament. So how can we get some real oomph into our Christian lives?

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31st January 2010 | Ron Gordon


Nuts and Bolts | Part 5 | Ephesians (6v18)

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Almost all Christians say they would like to be better at praying. Why do we find it so hard and how can we learn to pray better?

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24th January 2010 | Rich Tutt

Spiritual Nutrition

Nuts and Bolts | Part 4 | Matthew (4v4)

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Everyone needs a good diet to be healthy and fit. The same is true for our spiritual health - but what can give us the spiritual nutrients we need? As a Christian can I really 'Feed myself Fit'?

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17th January 2010 | Rich Tutt

Building Church!

Nuts and Bolts | Part 3 | Ephesians (5v25)

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Jesus didn't just die to forgive a bunch of people. He gave his life for the church, to build an awesome new community of people totally devoted to God. So what does that mean for me and my priorities in life?

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10th January 2010 | Rich Tutt

Beating Sin!

Nuts and Bolts | Part 2 | Romans (6v18)

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Dealing with our sin is central to why we become Christians. But so many Christians find that they still have sin problems and failings. Why is this? How can we beat the sin still in our lives?

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3rd January 2010 | Rich Tutt


Nuts and Bolts | Part 1 | Hebrews (12v1-3)

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Being a Christian can be hard. How can we make sure we keep going and make the most of our life? What's the secret to a long, successful, enjoyable Christian life?

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