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Big 10

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Big 10 (11 episodes)
12 Sep 2010 - 05 Dec 2010

Previous generations of Christians knew the 10 commandments like the back of their hands. Yet today many believers struggle to name more than two or three. How many do you know? And do you know what they really mean for us today?

5th December 2010 | Rich Tutt

Get Satisfied

Big 10 | Part 11 | Exodus (20v17)

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Always wanting what we don't have is a slippery slope leading to increasing frustration and dissatisfaction. Is there any way we can rein in our tendency to see everyone else's grass as greener? Thankfully there is....

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28th November 2010 | Rich Tutt

Are your Pants on Fire?

Big 10 | Part 10 | Exodus (20v16)

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From tiny white Lies to massive whoppers lying seems to come so easily to us. Why is it so hard to be honest, and in the absence of having a Pinocchio style lie-detecting extending nose, is there anything we can do about it?

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21st November 2010 | Jack Griffiths

Stealing from a generous God

Big 10 | Part 9 | Exodus (20v15)

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Everyone knows theft is wrong but many of us are unwittingly breaking this commandment in all sorts of subtle ways. Let's see how we can really appreciate God's generosity towards us.

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14th November 2010 | Rich Tutt

Let's talk about Sex

Big 10 | Part 8 | Exodus (20v14)

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The bible has a lot to say about sex, so it's no surprise to see one of the big ten commandments addressing the subject. Whether married or single this one affects us all, and it turns out there is a lot more in it than first meets the eye.

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7th November 2010 | Rich Tutt

Making a Killing

Big 10 | Part 7 | Exodus (20v13)

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Pretty much everyone agrees murder's a bad thing. So presumably as long as I haven't killed anyone recently I don't need to worry about this commandment? Well, according to Jesus it's not quite that simple....

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24th October 2010 | Rich Tutt

Strong Families

Big 10 | Part 6 | Exodus (20v12)

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Families aren't automatically 'Happy Families', even for Christians. Parents can be frustrating and annoying; being a parent can be hard work and feel unrewarding. So where should we start in our efforts to have strong Families?

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17th October 2010 | Rich Tutt

Time Out!

Big 10 | Part 5 | Exodus (20v8-11)

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Have you ever felt tired, weary, run down and worn out? The good news is that God understands and has given us a commandment specifically to give us a break. But how does it work in a fast-paced 24/7 society like ours?

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3rd October 2010 | Rich Tutt

What's in a name?

Big 10 | Part 4 | Exodus (20v7)

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How should we respond when God tells us not to 'misuse' his name? Should we avoid using it altogether to avoid unpredictable consequences? Or perhaps we shouldn't worry about something as trivial as the words we say? Let's talk it through....

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26th September 2010 | Rich Tutt

Worship: Do it Right!

Big 10 | Part 3 | Exodus (20v4-6)

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Have you ever found worshipping God difficult or even boring? Sometimes it's really hard to focus on someone who's invisible. Is there anything we can do to help ourselves or is that just the way it has to be? Let's have a look...

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19th September 2010 | Rich Tutt

Accept no Limitations

Big 10 | Part 2 | Exodus (20v1-3)

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The first commandment says the most important thing is to put the Real God first in our lives. Why is this so hard to do? And how do we deal with all the other things competing for the Top Slot in our hearts?

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12th September 2010 | Rich Tutt

Law, What is it good for?

Big 10 | Part 1 | Exodus (20v1-17)

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Why are there so many rules in the Bible? The Old Testament seems full of them, yet Christians say it is all about 'having a relationship with God' and not about 'following rules'. So what should we do with all those Laws in the Bible?

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