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17th January 2010 | Rich Tutt

Building Church!

Nuts and Bolts | Part 3 | Ephesians (5v25)

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Jesus didn't just die to forgive a bunch of people. He gave his life for the church, to build an awesome new community of people totally devoted to God. So what does that mean for me and my priorities in life?

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10th January 2010 | Rich Tutt

Beating Sin!

Nuts and Bolts | Part 2 | Romans (6v18)

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Dealing with our sin is central to why we become Christians. But so many Christians find that they still have sin problems and failings. Why is this? How can we beat the sin still in our lives?

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3rd January 2010 | Rich Tutt


Nuts and Bolts | Part 1 | Hebrews (12v1-3)

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Being a Christian can be hard. How can we make sure we keep going and make the most of our life? What's the secret to a long, successful, enjoyable Christian life?

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8th November 2009 | Ron Gordon

Bits & Bobs

1 Corinthians (16v1-12)

As the letter comes near to the end we glean a few nuggets from Paul's concluding remarks.

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1st November 2009 | Andy Gordon

The Ultimate Victory!

1 Corinthians (15v50-58)

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429 sermons found

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