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3rd June 2018 | Steve Brading Download Connect Sheet

Christian Growth

Philippians: Better Together | Part 5 | Philippians (2:12-13)

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How can we grow and make progress towards being the people God wants us to be. Work hard, or relax and let God do it all? How does the Bible say we are to work together with God towards growth?

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20th May 2018 | Jeff Fletcher Download Connect Sheet

The Way Up is Down

Philippians: Better Together | Part 4 | Philippians (2:1-11)

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At the high point of Paul's letter we find a magnificent song of Christ as the ultimate revelation. As we see the mind of the Servant King we learn the key to our unity and discover that the way up is down!

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13th May 2018 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Shaped by Desire

Philippians: Better Together | Part 3 | Philippians (1v20-30)

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What we ultimately want most shapes our whole life. However sometimes what we think we want or think we should want is not what we actually want the most. Does this matter and if so how do we handle it?

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6th May 2018 | Steve Brading Download Connect Sheet

Prayer for Growth

Psalms (139)

29th April 2018 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

Gospel Perspective

Philippians: Better Together | Part 2 | Philippians (1:12-19)

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Working together in partnership to share the good news of Jesus sounds great, but we're not always together and sometimes there are big obstacles. It was just like this for Paul and Christians in Philippi. He encourages them to help one another see things from God's perspective and he encourages us to do the same.

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433 sermons found

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