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All Sermons for May 2017

28th May 2017 | Steve Brading Download Connect Sheet

The Cross of Jesus

Galatians (6v14)

What do you boast about in life or what are you proud of? The early church leader, the Apostle Paul, boasted in the Cross of Jesus: a symbol of execution. Why is the Cross so important to Christians? What are the amazing blessings that come to us through the Cross?

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21st May 2017 | Matt Archer Download Connect Sheet

The Kingdom of God

Luke (13:34)

What does it mean to be part of the Kingdom of God, or the Family of God? How good are the benefits of being part of God's Kingdom? Is it all about us doing things to qualify us for citizenship or do we enter another way?

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14th May 2017 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

Making the Most of Your Money

Matthew (25:14-30)

TV shows, from the Apprentice to Bargain Hunt, feature people entrusted with money, trying to make the most of it and finally their efforts are brought to light. But that's just TV not real life, isn't it? Well, Jesus told a story along similar lines saying that we all need to make the most of our money. But how?

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7th May 2017 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

The Gospel Will Keep You Strong

Romans - Revolutionary Grace | Part 33 | Romans (16:17-27)

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How would you sign-off a letter or a conversation to someone you care about but may not see for a long time? As the Apostle Paul comes to the end of his letter to the Christians in Rome, what final instructions will he leave? He tells them, and through them tells us, to stay strong in the Gospel which he has not stopped teaching about since the start of the letter.

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