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All Sermons for February 2017

26th February 2017 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

God & Politics

Romans - Revolutionary Grace | Part 27 | Romans (13v1-10)

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Two subjects to avoid at polite dinner parties. Each guaranteed to stir up strong emotions and cause heated arguments. Best avoided wherever possible? Or so important we can't afford to ignore them? We tackle them both together as our response to one will radically alter our view of the other.

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19th February 2017 | Jeff Fletcher Download Connect Sheet

Loving our enemies

Romans - Revolutionary Grace | Part 26 | Romans (12:14-21)

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How can you have a genuine love for someone who has wronged you? The instructions for living as a Christian seem to get ridiculously difficult as we're told to love our enemies. How does this work practically and where can we find the power to love in this radical way?

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12th February 2017 | Martin Dunsford Download Connect Sheet

Guest Speaker: Martin Dunsford

Luke (5v1-11)

5th February 2017 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

Church: I'm Lovin' It

Romans - Revolutionary Grace | Part 25 | Romans (12v9-13)

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Where do you come across the best example of love in everyday life? Is it between good friends, a parent and child or a couple still going strong at their Golden Wedding Anniversary? Jesus said we ought to see great love between Christians in the church. What should it look like and how do we keep going when there are problems and we want to give up?

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