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All Sermons for September 2016

25th September 2016 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

A Masterclass in Mercy

Luke (10:25-37)

Charity begins at home, but unfortunately it also often stops at home. What does Jesus have to say to help us show kindness and generosity to people in need, even when we naturally want to put limits on who we help?

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18th September 2016 | Natalie Williams Download Connect Sheet

God's Heart for the Poor

Natalie works for King's Church Hastings, co-ordinating their social action and community work.

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11th September 2016 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

The Least Attractive Offer to Faith

Mark (8v34-37)

There are many ways of trying to make faith attractive but Jesus sometimes seems to go out of his way to put people off, including asking them to do things that appear to go against their own best interests. Is this really the case or is there something more going on?

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4th September 2016 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Run Towards the Battle

2 Samuel (23v13-17)

How Risk Averse are you? What about when it comes to taking steps of faith for Jesus? Some people are naturally cautious and others are verge on gung ho. How can we all make sure we don't let undue caution hold us back? Or that we don't plough in unhelpfully?

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