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All Sermons for October 2016

30th October 2016 | Steve Brading Download Connect Sheet

The Foolishness of God

1 Corinthians (1:18-31)

23rd October 2016 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

Better than Money

Hebrews (13 v 5-6)

Money can have a powerful effect on us. It can give you great joy. It can make you take big risks. It can strike fear into the heart. But what does God say should be our attitude towards money? What does he offer us that's even better?

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16th October 2016 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Weathering the Storm

Romans - Revolutionary Grace | Part 20 | Romans (8v28-39)

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It's not easy following Jesus in a culture than views faith as primitive, restrictive and bigoted.It's not easy living a God-centred life with so much discouragement, so many distractions and so many reasons to give up. Can we really be sure we will make it in the end, or is our future in serious doubt?

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9th October 2016 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Life in a Lifeboat

Romans - Revolutionary Grace | Part 19 | Romans (8v17-30)

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Nearly everyone has theology of suffering - a way of understanding suffering in light of God - whether they know it or not. Unfortunately many are woefully inadequate, as evidenced by the number of professing Christians who give up when life gets painful. We need a theology of suffering that is based on more than just an optimistic and comfortable Western worldview - and that is just what we find in the Bible.

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2nd October 2016 | Glen Scrivener Download Connect Sheet

Outgoing King, Outgoing Kingdom

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