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All Sermons for March 2016

27th March 2016 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Easter: What Happened?

John (19v41-20v18)

What really happened on the first Easter Sunday? Either it was a unique world-changing event or a non-event that is of no consequence besides accidentally spawning a new religion. How should we examine the claims of Jesus rising from the dead whilst maintaining our intellectual integrity?

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20th March 2016 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Inheriting the World

Romans - Revolutionary Grace | Part 10 | Romans (4v13-25)

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Many people believe religion is dying out in the face of overwhelming evidence from science and from secular philosophy. Many Christians are pessimistic about ever seeing any more than a trickle of people come to Christ. Is there any reason to believe they are wrong?

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13th March 2016 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

Who can be right with God?

Romans - Revolutionary Grace | Part 9 | Romans (4:1-12)

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Many things in life are not open to everyone but restricted to those to qualify: sports competitions, credit cards, university entrance, to name a few. Is it like that with God? Do we need to exceptional people to be right with God or does he have a different approach?

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6th March 2016 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Are you Qualified?

Romans - Revolutionary Grace | Part 8 | Romans (3v20-31)

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It's possible to spend our whole lives trying to find meaning and significance by what we do or who we're with or what we achieve. Sadly many people see the message of Jesus as an added burden placed on top of everything else, to try and justify ourselves before God. In fact the very literal opposite is true.

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