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All Sermons for June 2016

26th June 2016 | Marcus Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Digging, Drawing and Drinking

Isaiah (12:1-6)

19th June 2016 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

Fantastic Father

Luke (15v11-32)

What does Father's Day mean to you? Maybe it's a lot, a little or something quite negative. We think about a story Jesus told which shows us that God wants to be, and can be, a Fantastic Father to us.

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12th June 2016 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

The Battle Within

Romans - Revolutionary Grace | Part 16 | Romans (7v12-25)

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Many people say that religion in general, and Christianity in particular, is psychologically damaging: it piles on guilt by telling us to try and be something we are not. At first sight this passage in Romans appears to confirm that view. But we need to look a bit closer to avoid misreading it entirely.

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5th June 2016 | Jeff Fletcher Download Connect Sheet

Knowing God

John (14:1-20)

Do you know God? We trace what the presence of God meant in the Old Testament, the New Testament and then for us today as God's way of coming has got bigger and bigger. We see how you can know God in your everyday life and what it really means to have His presence with us.

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