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All Sermons for October 2015

25th October 2015 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Rooted in Church

Spiritual Disciplines | Part 2 | Hebrews (10v24-25)

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There are always loads of reasons why we haven't got the time or the energy for church. And even if we have does it really matter anyway? Why can't I just love God and follow Jesus on my own, without having to bother with all these other frustrating people?

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18th October 2015 | Steve Brading Download Connect Sheet

Living by Faith

Spiritual Disciplines | Part 1 | Hebrews (10:32-39, 11:6, 11:29-12:7)

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11th October 2015 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Can I make a Difference?

Genesis 1-11 | Part 22 | Genesis (11v10-12v4)

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Most Christians know we are called to make an incredible difference to our communities as we share God's love with the people around us, but many believers just don't feel up to the task. It can be very demotivating: if failure is inevitable then why bother trying?

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4th October 2015 | Jeff Fletcher Download Connect Sheet

The City of Man

Genesis 1-11 | Part 21 | Genesis (10:1-11:9)

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Noah's family take on their own building project and end up establishing Babel, the City of Man, with devastating consequences for humanity as they are scattered. However, we see how God has established a second city as a global rescue plan to reverse all that was lost at Babel.

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