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All Sermons for May 2015

31st May 2015 | Michel Larribeau Download Connect Sheet

Loving God's Way

1 John (4:11)

17th May 2015 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Be like God

Genesis 1-11 | Part 11 | Genesis (3v1-6)

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Why is it said that forbidden fruit always tastes sweeter? Why is it so hard sometimes to do the right thing, even when we have the best intentions? Is there an solution, or are we just doomed to fail when we try to resist temptation?

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10th May 2015 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

The Snake

Genesis 1-11 | Part 10 | Genesis (3v1)

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What, if anything, can we learn from the story of a talking snake trying to trick people into eating forbidden fruit? Is it an outdated and irrelevant relic from a gullible past? We find instead that it sheds light on much of what goes on inside our heads and hearts as we also face questions of truth and reality.

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3rd May 2015 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

Made for Relationships

Genesis 1-11 | Part 9 | Genesis (2:18-25)

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Friendships can give us great joy in life as well as great pain. The same is true of marriage. Why are relationships worth pursuing and how does God help us in them and through them?

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