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All Sermons for June 2015

28th June 2015 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Banished from the Garden

Genesis 1-11 | Part 15 | Genesis (3v22-24)

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Why does God seem so distant sometimes? Why does life seem so imperfect, even after we have become Christians? And why do we really need Jesus anyway? Can't we just come to God by ourselves just as we are?

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21st June 2015 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

The Cost of Victory

Genesis 1-11 | Part 14 | Genesis (3v14,15)

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Christians are often surprised when they are not popular: after all, why would anyone dislike people whose aim is to love everyone and to share good news? But there is more going on than just a few people taking offence - there is a hidden war raging and victory will not be cheap.

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14th June 2015 | Jack Griffiths Download Connect Sheet

The Consequences of Sin

Genesis 1-11 | Part 13 | Genesis (3:14-20)

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7th June 2015 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Naked and Ashamed

Genesis 1-11 | Part 12 | Genesis (3v7-13, 21)

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We live in a culture where people go to great lengths to prevent and assuage negative feelings of guilt or shame. We want to help people feel good about themselves, regardless of anything they might have done. Is this really helpful, and is there a better way to handle these unpleasant emotions?

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