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All Sermons for April 2015

26th April 2015 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

God & Politics

Romans (13v1)

Whether you love or loathe politics it's hard to avoid them in the run up to a General Election. Does the Bible have anything to say about to us about our involvement or our voting decisions.

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19th April 2015 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

It's all His

Psalms (50v9-12)

Money is often a tricky subject to talk about, as we can be naturally protective of our own 'stuff' and our own right to decide what to do with it. However when we look closer at God and what he is like, we discover that we've not been thinking that clearly about money after all.

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12th April 2015 | Ryan Goodsell Download Connect Sheet

Spiritual Roots Produce Radical Fruits

Acts (2:42-47)

5th April 2015 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Don't Tame Easter

Luke (24v36-43)

What is Easter really all about? For many people it is simply an inspiring message of hope when things get tough, and new opportunities rising from the ashes of disappointment. However when we take a closer look we discover something rather more unsettling...

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