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All Sermons for March 2014

30th March 2014 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

By the Book

Nehemiah | Part 8 | Nehemiah (8v1-18)

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How is it possible to build a church that thrives in the midst of a culture increasingly antagonistic to the Christian faith? How can we live lives that are both fulfilling and robust enough to cope with anything life throws at us?

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23rd March 2014 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

5 Shekels: Baby Thanksgiving

Numbers (18v15,16)

There are all kinds of ways we mark the arrival of a new baby, some wackier than others. As we welcome some new arrivals at King's, Rich looks at a fairly odd example from the Bible. This unusual procedure tells us some pretty helpful stuff - both for parents and others.

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16th March 2014 | Rich Tutt

Why Elders?

1 Peter (5v1-4)

Why should churches have leaders? Wouldn't it be better if everyone had a hand in running the church? Rich examines why - despite many of our cultural preconceptions - we really need these guys.

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9th March 2014 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

It's not about the Wall!

Nehemiah | Part 7 | Nehemiah (7)

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Nehemiah was pretty focussed on building the wall around Jerusalem, but he knew it was part of a much bigger project. Do we sometimes lose focus on the bigger picture of building God's church and get side-tracked?

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2nd March 2014 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Making Progress

Nehemiah | Part 6 | Nehemiah (6v1-19)

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What's the ideal size for a church? Is there a critical mass where building a church becomes easier? Is it even possible to build an effective, growing church in a culture that finds church largely irrelevant?

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