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All Sermons for April 2014

27th April 2014 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Pick & Choose?

Nehemiah | Part 10 | Nehemiah (9v38-10v39)

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Why do Christians obey some parts of the Old Testament Law and ignore others? Isn't this simply cherry-picking which parts they like and ditching those they don't? Doesn't this undermine any attempt to use the Bible to define morality? Or is there something more subtle going on?

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20th April 2014 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

Easter Encounters

John (20:1-18)

Surprisingly, Jesus early followers were not expecting him to rise from the dead at all. What convinced them that he had and what difference does that make to us today?

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13th April 2014 | Jack Griffiths Download Connect Sheet

He is better

Mark (8v27-38)

Today we look at the most important question in the world! And the answer to this determines everything.

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6th April 2014 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

What does it all mean?

Nehemiah | Part 9 | Nehemiah (9v1-38)

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The Old Testament isn't always the easiest book to understand. It seems a mixture of Weird Stories, Odd Laws and Long Prophecies. What's it really all about & how does that affect us today?

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