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All Sermons for November 2013

24th November 2013 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Good to Go

Stronger in Mission | Part 6 | 1 Peter (3v15)

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No soldier would want to go into battle improperly equipped, yet many Christians are poorly prepared when it comes to sharing their faith. What do we need to do to ensure we are ready for action?

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17th November 2013 | Al Pickering Download Connect Sheet

Good News to the Poor

Stronger in Mission | Part 5 | Luke (4v14-30)

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With so many people poor and with other needs, should we really have such a big emphasis on evangelism? How we can bring Good News to the Poor which helps them both practically and spiritually?

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10th November 2013 | Rich Tutt

You can do Mission!

Stronger in Mission | Part 4 | Acts (1v8)

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However much the Bible tells Christians to share their faith many of us still feel weak and inadequate to do so effectively. It turns out that the solution is to deliberately focus much more ourselves but also much less on ourselves. The results, it seems, can be truly staggering...

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3rd November 2013 | Paul Mann

Guest Speaker: Paul Mann

Exodus (3v1-12)

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