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All Sermons for March 2013

31st March 2013 | Jack Griffiths

Why Easter?

Mark (16v1-8)

What is Easter really all about? Why do millions of people celebrate this each year? And why do we follow the custom too? Well here we look at Jesus and what Mark's account says about the resurrection and how this answers the question 'Why Easter?'

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24th March 2013 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Has Science replaced Faith?

Tough Questions | Part 10 | Genesis (1v1)

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Many people today feel they have no need of primitive and out-dated religious beliefs. Thanks to modern science we now know how both the universe and life on earth began. Does this finally mean we can stop talking about faith as a valid way of understanding our place in the cosmos?

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17th March 2013 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

What's God's problem with Sex?

Tough Questions | Part 9 | 1 Corinthians (6v9-11)

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Why should God care what goes on in bed between consenting adults? Hasn't he got better things to do than prudishly poke his nose into our sex lives? What does it matter who I sleep with anyway, as long as no one gets hurt?

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10th March 2013 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

How can a God of love send people to Hell?

Tough Questions | Part 8 | Matthew (23v33)

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For many the idea that God would condemn human beings to an eternity of conscious punishment is utterly abhorrent. Surely a God who did such a thing would be cruel and monstrous beyond imagination, on a par with the worst dictators in history? Can this really the same God that Jesus told us is our loving heavenly father?

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3rd March 2013 | Michel Larribeau Download Connect Sheet

How can I cope with suffering?

Tough Questions | Part 7 |

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