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All Sermons for June 2013

30th June 2013 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Fight Both Battles

Stronger in Prayer | Part 6 | Exodus (17v8-13)

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If we don't know why our church exists how will we ever know if we are successful or not? And even if we know what God has asked us to do, how come it so often feels like a battle to get anywhere? Isn't there an easy answer somewhere?

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23rd June 2013 | Ben Rowe Download Connect Sheet

Men & Women of Breakthrough

1 Chronicles (14v8-17)

16th June 2013 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Praying under Pressure

Stronger in Prayer | Part 5 | Matthew (26v36-44)

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Life often brings difficult times when it feels like everything is just too much for us to handle. Whether you are a Christian or not, you are not immune to these tough times. As we look at Jesus' darkest night we can learn how to pray whilst under intense pressure.

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9th June 2013 | Jack Griffiths Download Connect Sheet

Paul's Persitent Prayer

Stronger in Prayer | Part 4 | Ephesians (1v15-23)

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The simplest way of learning how to do something is often by listening and learning from other people. Today we get will listen in on how a guy called Paul prayed for a Church many years ago and learn from him on how we can be stronger in prayer.

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2nd June 2013 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Pray like this

Stronger in Prayer | Part 3 |

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