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All Sermons for December 2013

22nd December 2013 | Rich Tutt

Ordinary & Exceptional: Carol Service 2013

Isaiah (9v2-7)

Many people are familiar with the gist of the Christmas story, but sometimes over-familiarity can blunt the edge of it. However it turns out that amongst the familiar events there are some extraordinary implications...

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8th December 2013 | Jack Griffiths

Nativity: What's the point?

Why do we care about the nativity? What is its purpose? Is it simply so kids can dress-up and perform? No (although that is a benefit), there is so much more. This is the beginning of the world being made right, of everything changing, of true transformation. Here we delve into how God changes the world for the better through the birth of one small child.

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1st December 2013 | Rich Tutt

Baby Thanksgiving

More new arrivals at King's gives us another opportunity to thank God and pray for his blessing in their lives. We also pray for the parents and the challenges they will face, knowing that their children will one day need to make their own decisions about Jesus...

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