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All Sermons for August 2013

25th August 2013 | Jack Griffiths

God is our redeemer

Hosea (1-3)

What is redemption? How is God our redeemer? And what on earth has it got to do with a guy marrying a prostitute? Jack explains that this odd passage is an amazing picture of God and his people and how it applies to today.

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18th August 2013 | Al Pickering

The Lord is my Portion

Lamentations (3:19-24)

If your life was like a house of cards, which card would you most fear being removed and everything crashing down? We read about someone in the Bible who had massive things taken away from him but he still hung on to God. Would we be like that?

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11th August 2013 | Jeff Fletcher

The God of Defence (G.O.D)

Psalms (3v3)

Everyone needs a good defence strategy. This morning we look at 3 steps to a good defence in the midst of the troubles of life.

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