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All Sermons for September 2012

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30th September 2012 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Baby Thanksgiving

More new arrivals at King's gives us another opportunity to thank God and pray for his blessing in their lives. We also pray for the parents and the challenges they will face, knowing that their children will one day need to make their own decisions about Jesus...

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23rd September 2012 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Pray Again

Isaiah (56v7)

Most Christians want God's kingdom to be extended and his church to be build: however many are put off by the difficulty of praying persistently. However, given that there is no shortcut, how can we help ourselves to keep fighting in prayer and not giving up?

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16th September 2012 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

The Last Supper

The Real Jesus | Part 60 | Matthew (26v17-30)

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Despite many other differences one thing all Christians have in common is using bread & wine to remember Jesus death on the cross. Where does this idea come from and does it still have any meaning for us today? Let's go back to the very first time it happened and see what we can learn.

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15th September 2012 | Rich Tutt

Elevate: Who do you think you are?

Other Events | Part 0 | Galatians (2v20)

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How would you describe yourself? Sporty or Skater, Cool or Nerdy, Goth or Pop, Good or Bad, In or Out, or someone Totally Different? Actually none of these things is who you really are: Bizarrely, to find your Real Self, you need to look back 2000 years to a barbaric execution on a Mediterranean hillside.

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9th September 2012 | Rich Tutt Download Connect Sheet

Pour it all out on Jesus

The Real Jesus | Part 59 | Matthew (26v1-16)

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How can I really please God? Do I need to keep trying harder and harder to be good enough? Is he always looking for even more from me, never satisfied with my performance? Many Christians think so. The reality however is very different.....

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6 sermons found

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