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All Sermons for August 2012

26th August 2012 | Jack Griffiths

The Dark Night

Psalms (142 & 57)

Here we see David from the Old Testament lose everything. He goes from the highest heights and then, through no fault of his own, he plummets down to the deepest depths of despair. What does David feel in that time? How does David deal with this difficulty? What on earth can we learn from it all? And does this tell us anything about Jesus? Well, let's take a look and see...

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19th August 2012 | Michel Larribeau

God Speaks

Does God really speak to us today? If so, how does he do it and what should we do with what we hear?

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12th August 2012 | Rich Tutt

Church is Not like a Family

1 Timothy (5V1-2)

Lots of the ways the Bible talks about God, us, and the church are based on family relationships. God is described as 'Our Father' and Christians are called 'brothers.' So why is it not true that being part of a church is a bit like being part of a family?

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5th August 2012 | Pete West

Newfrontiers churches in Lesotho

Acts (19v1-20)

Pete West who leads a number of Newfrontiers churches in Lesotho, tells us about what God's doing there and also brings out some principles he's learnt for extending the Kingdom of God.

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