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All Sermons for November 2011

27th November 2011 | Rich Tutt

Baby Thanksgiving

John (3v3-8)

The safe arrival of the newest member of the family is always a time to celebrate & thank God. It also brings fresh demands and challenges for the parents. We take some time out to ask God's blessing on some new arrivals at King's.

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20th November 2011 | Rich Tutt

Tricky Business

The Real Jesus | Part 36 | Matthew (16:1-4)

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Why doesn't God do something to show he really exists? Surely there must be some convincing way of proving his existence to us? Jesus gives us a rather fishy answer when he's challenged to 'put up, or shut up'.

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13th November 2011 | Rich Tutt

The Pursuit of God

The Real Jesus | Part 35 | Matthew (15:21-28)

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We expect Jesus to friendly, polite and above all nice. However it seems the real Jesus can be a lot more blunt than we'd like him to be. So what should we do when it seems like God doesn't want to know?

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6th November 2011 | Rich Tutt

The Battle for Reality

The Real Jesus | Part 34 | Matthew (15:1-20)

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Why is it so easy for churches to become boring? And for Christians to live dull, unsatisfying lives? It's because it's so easy for us to make exactly the same mistakes as the religious types of Jesus' time. So how can we make sure we don't just settle for second best?

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