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All Sermons for May 2011

29th May 2011 | Jeff Fletcher

What kind of man is this?

The Real Jesus | Part 16 | Matthew (8v18-34 )

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Jesus' mates asked what is arguably the most important question EVER on a very eventful 'day off' which involved violent storms and crazy naked men. What kind of man is this Jesus fella? And most importantly how will you respond?....

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22nd May 2011 | Rich Tutt

Be Confident with Healing

The Real Jesus | Part 15 | Matthew (8v1-17)

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Jesus seemed to have no problem healing anyone who came to him, yet despite this we can struggle to believe he will heal people through us today. What is it about the real Jesus that can lift our faith and expectation for miracles?

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15th May 2011 | Ray Lowe


Ephesians (6v10-20)

Ephesians 6v10-20 and Judges3v31 Living in the good of what God has done isn't always an easy ride. Sometimes we feel under-resourced and ill-equipped, but we still need to fight. Let's see how...

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8th May 2011 | Rich Tutt

Spot the Difference

The Real Jesus | Part 14 | Matthew (13-29)

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All that glitters isn't gold, and not everyone who claims to be a Christian really is. How can you tell the real believers from imitations? And more importantly how can you know if you're the real deal or just a cheap knock-off?

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1st May 2011 | Rich Tutt

Keep Praying!

The Real Jesus | Part 13 | Matthew (7v7-11)

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Ever felt like praying is a waste of time and God's not listening? You're not alone; which is why Jesus gives us this cast-iron guarantee of the effectiveness of prayer. So grab hold of it and keep praying!

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