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All Sermons for June 2011

26th June 2011 | Rich Tutt

Are you a Missionary?

The Real Jesus | Part 20 | Matthew (9v36 & 10v10)

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Don't be too quick to answer 'no I'm not' to the title question. Wherever you live, work or play Jesus has decided that you are the one he wants to point people to him. Let's see how he wants us to do it...

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19th June 2011 | Rich Tutt

Confidence in Jesus

The Real Jesus | Part 19 | Matthew (9v18-34)

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Sometimes Jesus doesn't do what we expect him to or what we ask him to. Is it because he doesn't care or isn't able to, or is there a different reason? How can we be confident in a saviour who seems so unpredictable?

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12th June 2011 | Rich Tutt

Stay Stretchy

The Real Jesus | Part 18 | Matthew (9v14-17)

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Why do we find change so hard to handle? Why do churches so quickly get set in their ways? Jesus shows us that if we want God's best for us we need to be flexible, always ready to respond to what God is doing today.

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5th June 2011 | Jack Griffiths

Authority, Discipleship and Mission

The Real Jesus | Part 17 | Matthew (9v1-13)

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Here we are going to see what happens when we take a paralysed man, his friends, a bunch of religious guy and the most hated men in 1st century Palestine and put them all together with Jesus! We see authority challenged, what makes up a true disciple and an exciting mission to fulfil

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