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All Sermons for July 2011

31st July 2011 | Jack Griffiths

A Day for Tired People

The Real Jesus | Part 25 | Matthew (12v1-21)

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Ever just felt shattered? Do you get those times were you just need to stop and rest? Well Jesus understands! Here we are going to look at a day of rest called the Sabbath. What actually is the Sabbath? What should we do on the Sabbath? And what does all this tell us about the real Jesus?

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24th July 2011 | Rich Tutt

Why don't they get it?

The Real Jesus | Part 24 | Matthew (11v25-30)

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Ever wondered why some people take so long to become Christians and others never make it at all? Why do they just not get it, even when it's really well explained? Jesus tells us why this is, and what we can do about it...

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17th July 2011 | Rich Tutt

Time to Face the Music

The Real Jesus | Part 23 | Matthew (11v20-24)

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Not everyone likes Jesus. Many people rejected him to his face and many people do so today. But does it really matter? What's the problem if someone decides that the gospel is not for them? And what if they just don't get it?

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10th July 2011 | Rich Tutt

God in a Box

The Real Jesus | Part 22 | Matthew (11v1-19)

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God seems to have an annoying habit of doing things in ways we don't expect. Christians have an even more annoying habit of expecting God to only do things our way. How can we avoid missing what God is doing because of our own preconceptions?

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3rd July 2011 | Rich Tutt

Expect Opposition

The Real Jesus | Part 21 | Matthew (10v16-42)

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Not everyone likes the message of Jesus and sometimes we can find ourselves on the receiving end of some pretty nasty responses. Is it our fault for not presenting it clearly enough? What should we do when we find ourselves taking flak for Jesus?

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