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All Sermons for April 2011

24th April 2011 | Rich Tutt

Easter: Really?

Luke (24v9-48)

Everyone likes chocolate eggs, but surely Jesus rising from the dead is taking Easter a bit far? Do we have to turn our brains off in order to believe or is there a better option available?

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17th April 2011 | Andy Robinson

Motives of Your Heart?

The Real Jesus | Part 12 | Matthew (7v1-6)

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No one likes a hypocrite: Especially Jesus. With a strong warning and with humour he warns us to be careful how we deal with other people when we ourselves are not perfect.

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10th April 2011 | Rich Tutt

What about my money?

The Real Jesus | Part 11 | Matthew (6v19-34)

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Everyone has money worries at some time or other - but what has it got to do with Jesus? Surely he's not interested in our bank accounts? Turns out he is, and has a very promising investment opportunity for us.

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3rd April 2011 | Jeff Fletcher

'The GodFather'

The Real Jesus | Part 10 | Matthew (6v1-18)

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As we look at this Godfather trilogy, do you have what it takes to be a secret agent? Do you really know your Godfather and is there a secret formula for prayer? Let's see what the real Jesus has to say...

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