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All Sermons for March 2010

28th March 2010 | Jeff Fletcher

How to have a Heavenly Body

Nuts and Bolts | Part 13 | Ephesians (4v16)

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Each one of us has a body and we are affected by how it works every day. There is a special heavenly body which we have the privilege of being part of as Christians and each of us have a vital part. Do you want a heavenly body and are you ready to play your part?

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21st March 2010 | Rich Tutt

Love Everyone!

Nuts and Bolts | Part 12 | Galatians (5v14)

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What are the most important things we need to be doing as Christians? How do we make sure we are living in a way that pleases God? It turns out there is a surprisingly simple answer...

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14th March 2010 | Andy Gordon


Nuts and Bolts | Part 11 |

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What is real worship & how can we make sure we really please God when we are worshipping?

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7th March 2010 | Rich Tutt

Rule your Wallet!

Nuts and Bolts | Part 10 | Luke (16v13)

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Ever felt like there's 'too much month left at the end of the money'? Staying on top of our finances can be really difficult. Jesus does enable us to take control, but only if we're prepared to tackle the problem head on.

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