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All Sermons for June 2010

27th June 2010 | Jack Griffiths

Out with the Old in with the New

Salvation | Part 7 | John (3v1-8)

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Regeneration, what is it? How does it work? Do we need it? Christians undergo a huge change when they choose to follow Jesus. This is called regeneration and here we see whether it is anything like Dr. Who's regeneration or not.'s a clue... No it's not.

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20th June 2010 | Ron Gordon

In Christ

Salvation | Part 6 | Ephesians (1v1-23)

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One of the greatest truths of the gospel is that when we are saved we are 'in Christ' - meaning all he is and does is counted for our benefit. What exactly does this really mean?

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13th June 2010 | Rich Tutt

What Happens Next?

Salvation | Part 5 | Matthew (26v31-49)

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Salvation is not just about making this life better; many people really suffer for their faith in Jesus. So why does it still make sense to follow Jesus? Will everything really be finally ok?

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