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All Sermons for October 2009

25th October 2009 | Rich Tutt

What's it like to be Dead?

1 Corinthians (15v35-49)

Life after Death is at the heart of the Christian faith: But what's it going to be like? Won't it be kind of weird? Can I look forward to it or is it best to simply leave it as unknowable? Let's take a peek into eternity...

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18th October 2009 | Rich Tutt

Jesus Wins!

1 Corinthians (15v20-34)

The only certain thing in life is death. So how does being a Christian help? Why should we make every effort to live for Jesus? When we die will it all have been for nothing? Who wins?

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13th October 2009 | Rich Tutt

What's Best for the Rest

1 Corinthians (14v1-25)

Worshipping together is more than just singing songs - the Bible says Christians are to expect spiritual gifts to be at work as God is among us. But how does that happen without distracting attention from Jesus?

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4th October 2009 | Rich Tutt

Are Christians Total Losers?

1 Corinthians (15v12-20)

Dead people don't come back to life, so why do Christians insist Jesus did? Why can't we just have Jesus' teaching but without the miraculous ending?

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